At SIXPAK, we try to find new ways to optimize our customer’s process. Greater efficiency, high standard quality for an attractive price.

Today, we can proudly present the new SIXPAK denester, mobile and compact! This stand-alone machine is specified to our customers who require maximum flexibility in denesting their trays.

The smart design allows for great quality, an attractive price as well as easy swapping of the cassettes needed for different trays. Lastly, the machine can also be delivered with a buffer conveyor but it’s also possible to add this later on.

The machine can be used stand-alone but can also be a part of a complete line of SIXPAK, with dosing machines amongst others.

Do you want to see the denester in action? Click here.

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With SHEFF, SIXPAL has added another machine to their portfolio. The company is continuously developing new solutions for customers who encounter complex problems, including the SHEFF.

The ready-to-eat salads and fresh packages are an indispensable part of the supermarket. The market demand to automate the monotonous work of putting sachets and cups in packaging was therefore increasing.

That is why SIXPAK developed the SHEFF. A compact and mobile robot with 3D vision technology that picks products randomly from a crate and places them in trays on a conveyor belt. Specialized in cups, sachets, and food products, this SHarp and EFFicient robot can place up to 50 products per minute in salads, fresh packages, or other packaging.

“There was a lot of demand for a solution that could challenge this problem. The damp and cold environment is far from ideal for the workers and the monotonous work is not cooperative either. The big difference with other pick & place systems is that the products do not have to be separated first. SHEFF is the employee who starts first, goes home last, and of course always remains motivated” thus SIXPAK.

With SHEFF, SIXPAL has added another machine to their portfolio. The company is continuously developing new solutions for customers who encounter complex problems, including the SHEFF.


The lifts and tippers allows for efficient transport of your food products. They can be integrated in a complete line or delivered separately, stand alone and mobile.


The Cabinplant multihead weighers are known for their robust quality. Speed, flexibility and accuracy are the most important parameters of Cabinplant. They fit perfectly in a line solution custom-made by SIXPAK. Exclusively for the BENELUX industry. 


The SHEFF is the random bin picking robot of SIXPAK. With up to 50 pics per minut, this mobile machine can randomly pick sachets, cups and other food products and put them in trays.


This toppings weigher of SIXPAK is specialized in topping products that are often weighed by hand, such as cheese or veggies. With its favorable price and compact frame, is the FP200 the solution for toppings.

Alpha series

The linear weigher of ITW can count and weigh a range of products, from from chicken strips to fresh vegetables. The weighers transfer their products through vibration stations and/or belts. With the integrated check weighers, ITW can reject over- and underweights.


This stand-alone denester of SIXPAK is designed for our customers that require maximum flexibility in denesting trays. The innovative design allows for a favorable price and a quick format changeover.


Sixpak is the supplier of different types of conveyors. Integrated with a complete line or delivered separately with a weighing scale, it’s all possible.

SD Series

Doseer Machine

The LEONHARDT SD series is specifically designed for non-pumpable products with low liquids percentage and products that are hard to dose. Products that were previously dosed by hand, such as pasta and rice.